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CSIR NET topic-wise Solutions

  1. CSIR-NET Complex Analysis year-wise(New 24.10.18) (download here)
  2. CSIR-NET Linear algebra year-wise (download here)
  3. CSIR-NET Abstract algebra year-wise(Available Soon)
  4. CSIR-NET Real Analysis year-wise (New 30.10.18)(download here)
  5. CSIR-NET Integral Equation year-wise download here
  6. CSIR-NET ODE & PDE year-wise (Available Soon)
  7. CSIR-NET COV year-wise (Available Soon)
  8. CSIR-NET Prob. & LPP year-wise (Available Soon)

Note: Solution of Abstract, Complex, ODE, PDE, COV, I.E…etc of CSIR-NET will be available soon, as solution is ready.

Complete Solution of CSIR-NET Yr. wise Solution and GATE Solution.



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Study Material for NET/GATE/JAM…

Topic-wise handwritten study material for CSIR-NET/GATE/NBHM/TIFR…etc.

  1. Abstract Algebra
    1. Abstract part-1  Click here
    2. Abstract part-2  Click here
  2. Linear Algebra
    1. Matrix  Click Here
    2. Vector & Inner Product Space  Click here
    3. Eigen-value and Eigen-vector (Available soon)
  3. Number Theory(Updated 16.10.18Click here
  4. Real Analysis
    1. Part- 1  download here
    2. Part- 2(36pages added 17.11.18) download here
    3. Notes: Sum of Series Click here
      • This note is very useful for  CSIR-NET, GATE, NBHM, and SLET.
  5. Dynamical System(Question-based) Click here
  6. Integral Equation with NET Solution (Click here)

For rest handwritten study material, work is going on. Keep visiting.

Important Link  GATE Solution, CSIR NET Topic-wise Solutions & CSIR-NET year-wise Solution

If you are able to solve previous year questions of CSIR NET/GATE/NBHM…etc, you may easily qualify the exam. During Study of these study material prepare your own short notes(2 or 3pages) on each topic, So that at the time of examination you may do a quick revision.

If you want to send your own study material or any feedback, You may send it to kalikajee@gmail.com.