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If you want to contribute, your welcome. Please mail me your file in pdf/doc/zip.

If we are able to help others by providing notes/hand written materials/Solution of Prev. Yr. Papers…etc, I feel very lucky. I also request to others, If you’ve your own written notes, and you think that it may help others, you may send me your scanned study material, I will upload it on my site. You may send your notes related to maths (Abstract/Linear Algebra, Real/Complex/ Functional/Numerical Analysis, Topology, COV, IE, ODE & PDE, Probability & Statistics …etc) at E-mail : kalikajee@gmail.com.



Author: P. Kalika

Mr. Kalika is pursuing Ph.D. in Cryptography under Department of Mathematics, CUJ Jharkhand. Formerly, he is an alumnus of University of Delhi(UG) and Central University of Rajasthan(PG).

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