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GATE Solution


Topicwise solution for GATE. To download the solution, click on below link

  1. General Aptitude GATE GA 2016 & 17
  2. Abstract Algebra GATE Abstract 2015-17
  3. Complex Analysis GATE CA 2016 & 17
  4. Numerical Analysis GATE NA 2016 & 17
  5. Ordinary Differential Equation and Partial Differential Equation GATE ODE & PDE 2015-17
  6. Linear Algebra
  7. Linear Programming(New) LPP-Transportion Problems
  8. Probability Solution(New) GATE Probability 2016
  • Note : Solution for CSIR-NET, till 2018 topic-wise & year-wise will be uploaded soon.
  • Also solution for TIFR/NBHM Phd will be uploaded soon.

Author: P. Kalika

An alumni of Delhi University(UG) and Central University of Rajasthan(PG).

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  1. I need other solutions


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